Hutchings Students Create Brochures to Welcome Families To Michigan

Hutchings Students Create Brochures to Welcome Families To Michigan
Posted on 03/03/2017
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3/3/17 - From its Great Lakes to Mackinac Island and world-class universities, Michigan is a great place to live. To ensure that families who are considering moving to Michigan know about all that the state has to offer, students in Heather Palo’s fourth-grade class at Hutchings Elementary created “Welcome to Michigan” brochures that are on display in a local real estate office.

Using the concepts of Project Based Learning, students used various areas of the elementary curriculum such as Social Studies, English Language Arts, and Technology for the project. To begin the project Palo and Kate Rossetter, Howell Public Schools instructional coach, helped the students use research texts and online sources to learn all about Michigan. Once they were experts on the state, the students drafted, edited and revised their brochure information. With a final copy ready, the students worked with Ryan Horne, Howell Public Schools technology coach, to design and print their brochures.

“We learned about Michigan and its natural and human characteristics, the state symbols and famous people. I really liked the part when we got to edit it. We had notes in our research notebooks, put our thoughts down first and  on the computer and then got to edit it and put pictures in it,” said Adrianna Maniaci, Hutchings Elementary fourth grade student.  

“Knowing that their brochures would be displayed in a local real estate office really motivated each student to do their best on this project,” said Palo. “Throughout the entire project, the students were excited to work on their brochures and always stayed engaged in their learning.” “ I think this project was the complete package with the research first, integration of numerous subjects areas and topping it off with the use of technology.  These brochures look like they were professional done,” said Rossetter.

In addition to having their brochures displayed in the real estate office, the class also held a celebration to share the brochures with their family and friends.