Hutchings Elementary Holds Grand Opening of Student-Run Credit Union

Hutchings Elementary Holds Grand Opening of Student-Run Credit Union
Posted on 01/20/2017
Student tellers work at the Hutchings student-run credit union

1/20/17 – On Jan. 20, students at Hutchings Elementary celebrated the grand opening school’s student-run credit union. The student-run credit union is a partnership between Howell Public Schools and LOC Federal Credit Union.

Fifth-grade students in the program will work with a representative from LOC Federal Credit Union to accept deposits, process withdraws and open new savings accounts for their classmates. The program teaches students about fiscal responsibility and reinforces the math skills learned in class. Additionally, the program teaches students important work and life skills such as interpersonal communications, resume building and interviewing skills.

“We are very excited to have a student-run credit union at Hutchings Elementary. This will provide our students the opportunity to apply what they are learning in class to a real-world situation,” said Timothy Moore, Hutchings Elementary principal. “I am very thankful for LOC Federal Credit Union for providing this opportunity to our students.”

In addition to the Hutchings Elementary student-run credit union, LOC Federal Credit Union operates student-run credit unions at Three Fires Elementary and Voyager Elementary. Later this year, two additional student-run credit unions will open at Northwest Elementary and Highlander Way Middle School.