Hutchings Elementary Fourth Graders Hold Annual Diversity Feast

Hutchings Elementary Fourth Graders Hold Annual Diversity Feast
Posted on 11/23/2016
A Hutchings fourth grade student enjoys her meal during the grade level's annual Diversity Feast
11/23/16 – Hutchings Elementary fourth grade students recently enjoyed sampling foods from around the world during the grade level’s annual Diversity Feast. For the feast, each student selected and prepared a dish that represents their heritage to share with their class.
The Diversity Feast is the culminating activity of a month long research project during which students research and create a Diversity Booklet based on their ancestral heritage. As part of the project, students present their Diversity Booklet to the class. During the project, the classes discuss how the United States is unique because it is a melting pot of different cultures. The project ties in with the grade level’s social studies curriculum, which includes learning about immigration to Michigan.

The students enjoyed learning about their heritage during the heritage project. “I actually never knew that I was part Scottish until I did this project. I also learned that the capital of Scotland is Edinburch and that the biggest city in Scotland is Glasgow,” said Andre Windom. “My favorite part was putting together my recipe and try new things that maybe you never heard of before,” said Aubrey Mya Adam.