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Hutchings School Improvement News

Welcome to our Hutchings School Improvement site, please visit this page often to stay abreast of our ongoing efforts in the NCA/AdvancED Accreditation process. A complete listing of the Hutchings Elementary assessments and Student Improvement documents can be found via the Howell Public Schools website, under the Academics tab, then by selecting School Improvement.

2015-2016 School Improvement Plan

2015-2016 School Improvement Meeting Dates

2014-2015 Parent Survey Results

2014-2015 Student Survey Results

2014-2015 Staff Survey Results

Hutchings Points of Pride

We would like to recognize the following staff and parent members of our Hutchings School Improvement Steering Committee:

    • Heather Buckingham (Third Grade Teacher Representative)
    • Michelle Hayosh (First Grade Teacher Representative)
    • Lisa Harde (RTI Coach and Data Team Leader) 
    • Jana Jilek-Wolfe (First Grade Teacher Representative)
    • Sherry Mick (Parent Representative)
    • Tim Moore (Principal)
    • Lori Ott (Kindergarten Teacher Representative) 
    • Hillary Pejakovich (Parent Representative)
    • Stephanie Reis (Fifth Grade Teacher Representative)
    • (Second Grade Teacher Representative)
    • Regan Urban (Fourth Grade Teacher Representative)
    • Shannon Stolle (Monitor) 

Hutchings Positive Behavior System Commitee:

  • Joe Adam
  • Bill Martin
  • Mari Schippers
  • Stacy Shultz