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Hutchings School Improvement News

Welcome to our Hutchings School Improvement site, please visit this page often to stay abreast of our ongoing efforts in the NCA/AdvancED Accreditation process. A complete listing of the Hutchings Elementary assessments and Student Improvement documents can be found via the Howell Public Schools website, under the Academics tab, then by selecting School Improvement.

Hutchings School Improvement Plan 2017-2018

Hutchings School Improvement Plan 2016-2017

Hutchings Points of Pride

We would like to recognize the following staff and parent members of our Hutchings School Improvement Steering Committee:

    • Heather Buckingham (Third Grade Teacher Representative)
    • Melissa Burch (Second Grade Teacher Representative)
    • Erin Chaplin (Parent Representative)
    • Michelle Hayosh (First Grade Teacher Representative)
    • Lisa Harde (RTI Coach and Data Team Leader) 
    • Jana Jilek-Wolfe (First Grade Teacher Representative)
    • Sherry Mick (Parent Representative)
    • Tim Moore (Principal)
    • Lori Ott (Kindergarten Teacher Representative) 
    • Stephanie Reis (Fifth Grade Teacher Representative
    • Shannon Stolle (Monitor) 
    • Regan Urban (Fourth Grade Teacher Representative)

Hutchings Positive Behavior System Commitee:

  • Joe Adam
  • Will Baldwin
  • Lisa Cain
  • Joann McKim
  • Ruthanne Moore
  • Mari Schippers
  • Stacy Shultz